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Industrial Application

Air & Gasses

Axiom Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. offers a series of chemicals, which is used in air & gas treatment plants and production. We have a wide range of chemicals, effectively classified to provide necessary insight of the science behind the products. We help our customers to select the best possible and cost-effective product for their application.

We keep up with thorough details consisting well compiled data of compatibility that facilitates in evaluating the appropriate materials to use in managing various specialty gases. Compatibility of control equipment with gas being distributed is very important factor. Practice of incompatible device with the gas might harm the unit itself and could result into an injury. In order to avoid such situations, we suggest inspection for compatibility of material and device before the use, and also follow the instructions and procedures provided by the manufacturer about cleaning and maintenance of the equipment.


We try to provide the right solution for construction industry and help customers to face industry challenges and doing well in their projects, whether they are architects, construction companies, building owners, or applicators. Further, our solutions are based on our technological expertise and rich industrial experience. With our dependable service and cost-effective products we have supplied a variety of chemicals to our customers from the construction business.


Coolants are very important element of production in several industries, especially in the metalworking. Our cooling water treatment technology solutions help you to protect your systems and boost efficiency in order to lower your cost of operations. We offer effective solutions for a range of cooling water systems like closed loop, open recirculation, once-through cooling, potable water and decorative, etc. Our program includes deposit control, scale prevention, corrosion control, microbiological control and online cleaning etc., which helps you to reduce operating costs, simplification to water treatment needs & reduce water footprint.

We offer you a variety of technologies to meet your individual machining process needs, depending on whether lubricating, cooling, or rinsing action is requisite. Our coolants are developed for the particular machining from light duty to heavy duty operation, which comprise semi-synthetic coolants, synthetic coolants, soluble oils etc.  


There are several types of energy, such as potential energy, kinetic energy, light energy, sound energy & nuclear energy. The smallest amount of energy required for a chemical reaction to occur is the activation energy. Such energy is requisite for the reaction between some compounds and elements which do not react naturally just by being collectively. And other energy is ionization energy, which is essential to remove an electron from an ion or gaseous atom. With higher ionization energy, it is hard to remove the electron, so ionization energy is a sign of reactivity.  

Fine Chemicals

The complex, pure, single chemical substance, formulated in limited quantities in multi-use plants through multi-step batch chemical or biotechnological processes are the fine chemicals. These are described by thorough specifications, and used for further processing in the chemical industry. Also, the class of the fine chemicals is subdivided on the basis of the additional value or the business transaction type, namely standard / exclusive products. Such chemicals are developed in limited volumes and relatively high prices according to the demanding specifications.

Fine chemicals are an essential part of the chemical creation and are widely used as starting materials for particularly in pharmaceuticals, specialty chemicals, biopharmaceuticals & agrochemicals.

Glass & Ceramics

For the manufacture of Ceramic, which is an inorganic, various chemicals, non-metallic solid and drugs are used. For this reason, our formulated chemicals find broad usage in the Ceramic Industry. These chemicals are a key element in the manufacture of ceramic glazes. We offer a range of chemicals that are widely used in glass & ceramic industries.

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